My work often revolves about memories. I have been interested in preservation of memories and how our memory works. From an early age I have always been busy with my own memories. From writing them down in a diary, to recording everything I experienced. I kept cards, receipts and other odds and ends, but I figured that those items did not always helped me to remember. This made me wonder more often how our memory works when it comes to remembering those memories. 

I am a multimedia artist. I express my feelings and thoughts through photography, text and poetry. My work consists of an alternation of analogue photography and digital photography, often with a melancholic and poetic touch. I don’t tell people what’s right or what’s wrong, I prefer to make them aware of how we perceive the world, how we experience it and how we record those experiences. 

2017 – 2021      Fotografie/film, Sint Joost Breda
2019 – 2020      Minor Creatief Schrijven, Fontys Hogeschool Tilburg
2014 – 2015      Bridging Module, Northampton University/ SintLucas
2012 – 2016      Crossmedia Design, Sint Lucas Eindhoven

2021 Now Show > New Show Graduation Show
2018      Bedraad, AKV SintJoost
2018      L’enfer c’est les autres, AKV SintJoost

2020 –      Fiction book, Elizabeth
Soon –      Photobook, The Beauty of Transience